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Coaching Children & Teenagers

Coaching children and teenagers is invaluable for parents who are concerned about their children's wellbeing during times of upheaval and change. PBM-Coaching specialises in delivering coaching sessions, suitable for a range of ages including adults. Stemming initially for the purpose of supporting young people, this revolutionary coaching technique draws on simplicity whilst combining amazing creativity, kinaesthetic activity, and story-telling, enabling the process of coaching in a unique and gentle way.

According to the rules of coaching, the things that people are most challenged by include mindset, environment and the narrative of different experiences.
The PBM method is now used with adults and youngsters and has proven to be useful to those who are on a neurodiverse spectrum, providing a useful and creative outlet that everyone needs at some point.
People use the words 'unravelling', 'insightful', 'therapeutic' and 'fun' to describe the series of sessions as transformational.

The VAK model which hones in on the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic aspects of our personalities is a central feature of PBM coaching.

PBM-coaching is constructed on the values of the 5C's:
care, communication, clarity, creativity and confidence.

I looked into PBM Coaching for my daughter as we felt she needed an opportunity to express herself. She has so many interests and we felt she needed a different way to explore these.
Whenever she had a session with Malini, she would come home excited and loved to present her work. We have already noticed a change in her behaviour; she is more confident and reassured.
She is always looking forward to the next session and they are all very different. Really glad we discovered PBM Coaching.”

Rakhee Popat

Positive Bright Minds in School

Positive Bright Minds for children is essentially an inclusive wellbeing programme designed to assist those who may have mild to moderate emotional wellbeing needs or neuro-diverse needs. 

Issues covered

-Parent separation
-Parent divorce
-Feeling low
-Social Media
-Life goals


From a PBM Facilitator – Urisha Pillay (Graduate)

As a psychology graduate, I have been very interested in wellbeing and mental health as a whole so this course would be perfect for me. While taking this course, I’ve not only learnt about creative coaching and how it can be used for wellbeing but it has also uncovered parts of my own subconscious that I haven’t thought about before through an artistic lens. 

Malini is a wonderful and caring person and has really taught me how each session can lead to action steps that have put me on a more confident path for the future. 

I believe that delivering this course to both children and adults will be beneficial as it allows them to look at themselves introspectively and create steps for change in a way that will be valuable to them”.  

“I have learnt a lot about how to support children and adults, so I am looking forward to using what has been shown today. We must never give up. A must course for everyone”.

By Aarti Rawal – Education Practitioner

“The PBM workshop has been lovely, not only to support wellbeing for the school but also consider my own wellbeing. There were lots of great tips and the activities were great”.

By Alexandra Demosthenous – Education Practitioner

“It helped me think on a deeper level about confidence which also makes me consider my vulnerabilities”. Gunacuda Dasi – Headteacher

By Gunacuda Dasi – Headteacher

“I took away the importance of giving children the opportunity to reflect on their goals – allowing them time to think with good questioning”.

Sita Fogg Education Practitioner

Whilst young teenagers are developing the skills to analyse and evaluate through questioning, the opportunity to get involved in something creative as a form of expression is far more appealing than just verbal coaching.

  • Key stage 3 children – a creative led program.
  • Key stage 4 children – built in questioning prompts
  • Key stage 5 children – built in questioning prompts
Positive Bright Minds for secondary school students is creative with some questioning skills woven through.


“PBM Coaching has been designed on the values of the 5C’s: confidence, creativity, clarity, communication and care. The VAK model forms the foundation of PBM Coaching. We use a mix of visual, auditory and kinesthetic prompts to solve problems”.

Wellbeing and communication are at the heart of most issues concerning parents and young people today.

Bringing together the combination of coaching with a therapeutic edge helps me support wellbeing departments and communities of parents and children. With my holistic background, I have developed and designed the PBM creative coaching technique which I use in my employed role as a wellbeing practitioner.

My experience began many years ago, in corporate wellbeing for Shell Oil & Gas. Following a career in communications for different industries, I qualified as a key stage 4 and 5 teacher, which I practised for many years. This enabled me to develop an insight into children's wellbeing to later become a wellbeing practitioner working with a range of young people, including those on a neurodiverse spectrum. As a parent of two children, I understand the many dilemmas that parents face and Positive Bright Minds has been set-up to harness creativity and communication as an outlet for expression.


-BA Hons Degree
-Postgraduate Certificate in Education
-Elite Educators Coach approved by the International Coaching Fed
-Trainer of Mental Health First Aid
-Certified Trainer of Good Nutrition 
-Diploma in Mindfulness
-Therapeutic Art Certificate 
-Diploma in Colour Therapy 
-Sleep Coaching

Author of Five Positive Bright Minds Modern Poetry Books:-

The Delicate Elephant, Nourish to Flourish, Living with an Allergy, 10 Ways to Express Myself 

Justin is the founder of ‘The MaxWell System’, a powerful system to help us live a more empowered life. As a committed motivational mindset coach, he can help you identify and break-free from limiting beliefs whilst creating more conscious and clear goals with strategies to achieve them. 
Justin is an NLP practitioner trained by Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, and has over 20 years of experience in the field of personal development. A useful analogy Justin goes by, is he doesn’t paper over cracks in the ceiling, he fixes the broken roof, going straight to the route of the problem, with care, efficiency and insight supporting you to create positive empowering change for yourself and your family. 
Justin is a change maker, facilitator and designer of group workshops for children and adults, offering empowering solutions focused support through any challenges. 
He is a proud father of two children who is deeply committed to and an advocate of conscious parenting.

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